3 male friends outside at a picnic table smiling and talking

“A year ago, after my first week in Pioneer House, I was sure of only one thing: Other than relative age group and the street address, I had very little in common with other PH residents.

After my first month, I questioned the validity of my initial assessment. I realized I shared a strong common bond with most residents: No matter what environment we came from, it was simply nothing like our new one. We all recognized the demanding, even alarming need for adjustment to this unfamiliar place.

My next realization was quite a surprise. The PH staff seemed well aware of our discomfort level — and was intently focused on making the adjustment period as painless as possible. Many months later, I can testify that the staff continues that focus on a daily basis. What a wonderful surprise. Thank you.”

“My husband and I moved from the East coast to Pioneer House to be closer to our family and we ended up with a new larger family at Pioneer House from our neighbors to the wonderful staff. We could not be happier.”
~The Browns~

“The staff & everyone from front desk to the activities department, the nurses and the care staff is exceptional. They are caring and always willing to help.”